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About Us

ASWLS is the Association of South Western Law Societies. It was founded in 1948 and consists of six separate local law societies stretching from south-east Wales across the south-west of England and down to Cornwall.

The six local law societies that make up ASWLS are:

  • Monmouthshire Incorporated Law Society website
  • Bristol Law Society website
  • Devon & Somerset Law Society (DASLS) website
  • Plymouth Law Society website
  • Gloucestershire & Wiltshire incorporated Law Society (GWILS) website
  • Cornwall Law Society website

Our mission is to facilitate the exchange of views and a closer co-operation in professional matters between our member societies.

We also provide a forum for our five Council Members of The Law Society. They are the elected national representatives covering the area of the six member societies. They inform the member societies of Law Society Council proceedings and take soundings from the profession.

The member societies represent a combined total of over 10,000 solicitors. As a united group of local law societies we are committed to having a very strong single voice on issues affecting our constituent societies and their members, and to support the principle of justice for all.

Current Positions

President: A. E. Verona Cocks Cornwall
Vice President: Rebecca Wood Plymouth
Immediate Past President: Ben Tarrant Bristol
Honorary Secretary and Treasurer: Ben Tarrant

Previous Presidents

1973 Sir JC Palmer Devon & Exeter
1974 AG Hawkins Bath
1975 TMM Bartleet Cornwall
1976 EG Evans Monmouth
1977 FM Pulvermacher Somerset
1978 CEG Cocks Plymouth
1979 KIB Yeaman Glos & Wilts
1980 Sir Richard Gaskell Bristol
1981 JCB Mant Bath
1982 WA Phillips Cornwall
1983 Stephen A Lawson Devon & Exeter
1984 FM Pulvermacher Somerset
1984 NC Williams Monmouth
1985 R Fontaine Somerset
1986 WH Davey Plymouth
1987 EAW Jones Glos & Wilts
1988 JWS Guy Bristol
1989 PBB Letts Bristol
1990 B Harvey Cornwall
1991 Margaret Anstey Devon & Exeter
1992 G Sandercock Monmouth
1993 Peter Fox Somerset
1994 Neil Major Plymouth
1995 Colin Smith Glos & Wilts
1996 John Peake Bristol
1997 John Rushton Bath
1998 Roger Hicks Cornwall
1999 Christopher Palmer Devon & Exeter
2000 Jonathan Stephens Monmouth
2001 Kevin Shean Somerset
2002 Neil Major Plymouth
2003 Michael Jarratt Glos & Wilts
2004 John Moriarty Bristol
2005 Alan Butterfield Cornwall
2006 Stephen Lawson Devon & Exeter
2007 Jonathan Stephens Monmouth
2008 Frank Murray DASLS
2009 Nigel Lyons Plymouth
2010 Pat Lush Glos & Wilts
2011 Tim Pyper Bristol
2012 Elise Alma Cornwall
2013 David Bowen DASLS
2014 Clive Thomas Monmouth
2015 Steven Hudson Plymouth
2016 Michael Gupwell Bristol
2017 Anthony Earl Cornwall
2018 Stephen Mahoney DASLS
2020 Mel Bevan-Evans MILS
2021 Neil Major Plymouth
2022 Neil Major Plymouth
2023 Ben Tarrant Bristol
2024 A. E. Verona Cocks Cornwall